Where can you book cheap holiday insurance?

Looking to get a better deal on your travel insurance? Unlike car insurance, it's pretty easy to drive a hard bargain on your holiday cover, you just need to know where to look. In this blog we're going to show you a site that's offering outstanding deals right now on cheap holiday insurance, so let's take a look!

In our opinion, the best deals on all travel insurance policies are to be found using Insurance comparison sites, and we've found one that claims to get 80% of customers a better deal on their holiday cover, and that site is the multi award winning Columbus Direct at columbusdirect.com.

Columbus Direct have been specialising in holiday cover since 1988, and they've covered millions of customers around the world with quality travel insurance policies in the years since. In the last five years alone, they have won 10 Which? Best Buy awards, so you know they provide a quality service.

Their policies offer extensive coverage for every type of holiday imaginable. They offer Single Trip cover, Annual Travel Insurance, Backpacker Travel Insurance, Ski Travel Insurance, Business Travel Insurance, Adventure Travel Insurance, speciality insurance for over 64s, and they even offer extensive cover for people with pre existing medical conditions. Their site allows you to search for a quote instantly, and there's also the option to call them to get a good deal over the phone too. Check out their site at columbusdirect.com today and get some award winning cover!

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