Where can you find affordable European breakdown cover?

If you conduct a lot of your work abroad, particularly in the other member states of the European Union, then it could prove to be a huge benefit to you to take out a European breakdown cover policy. These policies cover you rather than a specific car, meaning that you'll be able to rent while abroad and know that you'll be covered in the event of a breakdown.

If you're thinking "that sounds like a rather unnecessary expense" then we urge you to consider how you would manage if you ever found yourself stranded at the side of the road in a foreign country. Not only do you not speak the language, but you don't know who to call or how to get in touch with a reliable mechanic who can take a look at the problem for you.

For many this is a nightmare scenario, especially those of us who work to tight deadlines and can ill afford to be held up for hours due to a mechanical failure. Fortunately there are plenty of companies in the United Kingdom who can offer you cheap, reliable cover specifically for this.

The AA offer a dedicated 24 hour English speaking helpline as well as emergency accommodation cover for up to £120 per trip and alternative transport coverage of up to £1,200 per trip to anyone taking out their European breakdown cover. A further 30% can be saved by booking online at their website, located at www.theaa.com.

Direct Line Insurance also have a great deal for anyone purchasing online. They have a 5% online discount as well as offering cover for missed connections, alternate driver cover should you be rendered unable to drive for medical reasons, pre departure cover and packages which include travel or sports insurance. You can check them out at www.directline.com.

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