Where can you find out the latest 22 carat gold price?

Have you heard all about this fast growing Cash for Gold bandwagon and you want a slice of the action? The global downturn has seen people reaching for any way they possibly can to make a bit of coin, and selling your old gold is getting some attention thanks to wall to wall television ads! If you are thinking about dipping your toes in the water, then make sure and have a gander at our guide to getting the most for your 22 carat gold price possible!

If you think about it, due to the sheer number of these Cash for Gold sites out there, you are bound to run into a few bad eggs eager to part you from your cash unscrupulously. Preventing this from happening is a simple matter of arming yourself with a little information about the current price of your gold.

Finding the price of your gold isn't too difficult, all you need to do is check one of the myriad of sites publishing the current gold prices each day. One such site that we have no qualms recommending to you is http://www.goldprice.org/, as they have charts with all the current prices for each weight and carat.

So how do you go about finding out your Carat? Well, this isn't too difficult a task either! Each and every gold piece will have a hallmark on it. The higher the number of the Hallmark, the better. To give an example, 24 carat gold's hallmark is 999, while 22 Carat is 936. So look out for the figure. Then it's simply a case of weighing your gold and multiplying the gram figure by the value of whatever carat gold it is. Simple!


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