Where can you find the best iPhone 4 insurance?

If you've just gone out and spent huge money on a brand new iPhone 4, insurance is definitely something you should be giving serious thought to. Even if you haven't bought yet, but are giving it serious thought, you'll definitely find this article on the best iPhone 4 insurance policies useful.

Given the fact that top of the range phones like the iPhone 4 come at great expense these days, especially when purchased outright as opposed to being part of a phone plan deal or operator upgrade, it's wise to protect your investment. Something as innocuous as a minor tumble or slip can render your phone completely inoperable due to the hands on, touch screen nature of these devices these days. It used to be the case that phones were built to survive the rigours of every day life, but now they must be nursed through in order maintain operability.

The best iPhone 4 insurance available to you will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, how did you purchase your handset and who did you purchase it from? It is normally the case that phone service providers offering handset insurance will only insure those who are active customers, so unless you bought the phone direct from them and are tied into a contract it is unlikely they will consider you eligible for their services.

The deals available from service providers include £12 per month from Orange customers on a minimum four month contract which includes coverage for loss, accidental damage, theft and worldwide usage. Vodafone charge £12.99 per month, exclusively to Vodafone customers for the same level of coverage. O2 have a similar deal to Vodafone but charge £15 per month, and 3 will cover their customers who have bought their phone within the last 30 days for £12 per month, but their coverage doesn't include theft making it the least desirable of the four for our money.

If you bought your phone over the internet from the States, for example, or don't want to be tied to a service provider for your insurance, you can take a look at some of the independent providers including Insurance2Go who will cover you for loss, accidental damage, theft and worldwide use for just £6.99 per month, Better Buy who offer the same level of coverage for an impressive £4.17 per month, or JS Insurance who don't offer loss insurance, but only cost £7.42 per month.

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