Where can you find the cheapest car insurance?

If you'll pardon us a cheesy pun to get started, driving down the cost of your Car Insurance should be an easily attainable goal for 99% of drivers in the UK. With the amount of Insurers offering to compare quotes for you online, there's simply no excuse to pay more than you have to for insurance cover these days.

Sites like comparethemarket.co.uk and moneysupermarket.com are bringing thousands of quotes to people around the UK looking for the cheapest car insurance. However, the savings shouldn't stop there. There's plenty you can do yourself to make you more "Insurable" to insurance companies, thus lowering the premium they will quote you for cover.

The first of these steps is to take a look at the car you want to drive. The car's value, type and engine size are all variables that will have an effect on your insurance premium. Generally, the smaller the car, the less you'll be forced to pay for Car Insurance cover.

Our next tip for bringing down your insurance premium is to beef up your car's security options. Fitting an alarm is an absolute must, while we highly recommend getting yourself an immobiliser or tracker to compliment the alarm. Generally, the more security, the lower the premium.

The type of cover you are looking for will perhaps cause the biggest difference in your premium. You will likely have a choice between third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. There's no point in taking out fully comprehensive if you're a young driver, as it will only cost you too much! Take on the level of cover you require for your own circumstances.

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