Where can you find the cheapest UK loan in terms of APR?

Are you racking your brain to see how you can afford that new car or luxury abroad? Even if you are on a stupendously tight budget, there are still a host of options out there when it comes to personal loans! In this blog, we are setting out to find the Cheapest UK Loan out there, so you can get applying and get the things you desperately want! So lets have a look at what is out there.

We have scoured the loan market long and hard, and we believe we have found you some outstanding loan deals. The first of these can be found with the Nationwide at http://www.nationwide.co.uk/loans/intro.html. The Nationwide are currently offering an extremely generous rate of 6.3% on their personal loan packages of up to £14,999 over a term of one year to five years. The floor for this extremely good value loan is a principle of £7,500, and thanks to their quick loan decisions on their site, you can have an answer to your loan application within minutes.

This loan comes packed to the rafters with bonuses and perks, and some of these include no set-up fees on the loan, and fixed monthly payments, so you will know exactly what you are getting yourself in for each month.

We are loathe to leave you with just one suggestion, so why not also check out the deals on offer from Marks and Spencer at http://money.marksandspencer.com/loans/overview/. Marks may not be your first choice for a loan, but they are currently offering a loan of up to £25,000 for just 6.4% APR, which is well worth checking out!

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