Where there's a will

Unregulated will-writing companies are ripping off thousands of Brits, and the law has no measures in place to help them.

The Legal Ombudsman has called on the Government to take action to ensure consumers are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous and unregulated companies.Chief Legal Ombudsman Adam Sampson said: 'One service which crops up a lot is will-writing. It's a service carried out often by will-writing firms who aren't regulated. Because of this, customers are left with little means of redress when things go wrong.

'We've seen similar confusion about claims management companies, with lots of consumers believing they're getting a legal service even though most of the work is carried out by a non-authorised person. Again, we can't help.'

Consumer knight in shining armour Which? is ready to do battle, and the Law Society have backed up the claims

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: 'Which? undercover investigations into both will-writing firms and claims management companies have revealed examples of poor practice.We want the Government and regulators to wake up to the current lack of clarity and to provide a clear and straightforward route of redress for consumers.

'The arrival of a legal-services market in which consumers will, potentially, have complaints about 'hybrid' services poses some serious questions about who they'll be able to turn to for help.'

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