Where to buy properties in London in 2015

With house prices set to rise by an average of 6% across the nation, you might be thinking of buying a property in London before the market rises too much. We’ll tell you where to buy in London in 2015 as some areas are seeing more growth than others.
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Supply and demand

London has always been a city where demand outstrips supply but now that’s truer than ever. The debates about whether London should build home on public buildings like schools, hospitals and even schools may be slightly laughable but the concern that brownfield sites are too expensive to recover and build on and the fact that greenfield sites are as rare as dinosaur eggs in the capital means that property prices are rising higher than they are in other parts of the country.

Greater London

The key to investing wisely in London is transport links. Buying a large, well-appointed property that’s too far from a decent train station, has no nearby underground links or isn’t on a bus route, could leave you with a property that’s hard to sell on. With prices in central London so high, why not buy a property in somewhere like Barking, Stratford, Croydon, Richmond, New Cross or Watford Junction? Thanks to a great overground train network these areas are within reach of central London but you won’t pay central London prices.

Other boroughs

Boroughs like Chelsea, Kensington and Westminster have already experienced great growth in the market and they’re areas that will continue to see massive house price rises for the foreseeable future. Other less fashionable areas that you may not have considered investing in or moving to include Ealing, Tower Hamlets, Lewisham and Barnet.

Will the bubble burst

If you’re unsure about whether this is the right time to invest in a property in London or in any other area of the country, check out our guide to property prices and the expected price rises over the coming years.

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