Where to get car finance in Ireland

Thinking of finally biting the bullet and buying the car you have always dreamed of? Thanks to the recent global downturn, there has never been a better time to buy a new car thanks to the plethora of deals that are available, the only tricky part is how to finance your dream set of wheels! Irish banks have loosened the purse strings a little of late, and there are a range of brilliant finance options available from Ulster Bank, so let's check them out.

Ulster Bank come highly recommended for car finance Ireland thanks to their flexible terms and the fact they allow you to borrow up to 40,000 Euro. You can check out their personal lending site at ulsterbank.ie/roi/personal/borrowing/loans/loan-options/personal-loan.ashx. They allow you to spread your payments over a length of time ranging from one year to seven years, making their loan package the most flexible on the market.

The interest rate on your loan will be fixed up front, meaning you can budget accordingly as the interest rate on your loan will never change. They even allow a little flexibility for things like payment holidays, meaning the loan won't become a noose around your neck come holiday time!

Their rates are extremely competitive too as a 20,000 Euro loan will be at a borrowing rate of 11.26%, meaning you pay back 437.71 Euro a month payment for 60 months to clear the loan. You can apply for their loans online, or else visit them in a branch to avail of expert advice!


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