Where to invest your money

Making an investment is a good way to get your money to work for you. The following are some tips on where to invest your money.


Gold has been a sound investment for the last number of years. It has performed solidly throughout the financial crisis and continues to do so. The best ways to invest in gold are through funds, Exchange Traded Commodities, bullion and coins. Gold accounts can also be started with major banks. Demand for gold has always been high and it set a new high in November this year.


Individual Savings Accounts allow you to deposit a lump sum and have interest paid to you monthly. There are a number of options available that save on tax and therefore increase returns. They are very secure and the rates are often quite good. ISAs are a good low risk option.

Emerging markets stocks

These stocks have done well throughout 2010 and this is predicted to continue. The economies of emerging market countries have been growing at a rate of about 3 to 5 times faster than developed market countries.

Retirement funds

Retirement and pension funds offer generous tax advantages. They are also an important way to invest for the future. Many employers are now offering co contribution schemes that can be very rewarding.

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