Where to look for cheap travel insurance

Just booked your holiday abroad and aren't too keen on the idea of shelling out a massive amount on your travel insurance? If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then we know the perfect site on which to snare a cheap deal on your travel insurance, so let's take a look.

It can be quite hard sometimes to figure out exactly which company offers the best deal on travel cover as they are generally loathe to have their policies put side by side for examination. Luckily Insure and Go at insureandgo.com have no such qualms, as they put up all the prices on their policies in comparison to their rivals on their site.

Since the year 2000, they have been providing comprehensive travel insurance to thousands of travellers in the UK. Their policies promise to be "cheap and affordable", but also offer fully comprehensive cover on your holiday insurance. Their product is so competitively priced that they compare quotes for a number of policies directly with their rivals on the site. They also offer the full range of holiday cover, from single trip to annual multi trip.

They further distance their product from their rivals by offering free cover for your kids. They also include cover for over 50 different adventure sports and activities at no extra cost, and they offer free winter sports cover with their annual multi-trip holiday cover. So check them out today for a brilliant deal on cheap travel insurance! Happy travels!

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