Who are the best banks for online banking in the UK?

Back in the day, telephone banking was the way to go for up to the minute information on the status of your bank account. Today, account holders with any of the major banks use the internet to keep up with their financial records. If you’re interested in changing banks, who are the best banks for online banking in the UK?
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What makes a great bank account?

For some, the best bank accounts are those with the highest interest APRs and the lowest overdraft rates. For others, the best bank is the one that offers the best financial incentives. Account fees are also an important consideration nowadays as banks try to draw you in with incentives like free travel insurance and mobile phone cover but only when a small monthly fee is paid. Use a site like uswitch.com or comparethemarket.com to get the best deals.


NatWest’s levels of customer service are often praised. Their website’s pretty user friendly. You can set up and cancel standing orders and direct debits there. You can even set times when you’ll be out of the country so the bank will know to expect debit card transactions from abroad at that time. There’s a customer service section where you can chat with a NatWest employee about any issues with the account. You might be referred to another department if you’re asking about loans, credit cards or some other specific financial product.


This is another bank whose website is seen as easy and user friendly. You can review the transactions on your bank account and any credit cards you have with the bank, and sending payments to others is pretty simple. You’ll need a code generator in order to get onto the bank account. You’ll be given one when you join the bank.

Online only banks

If you’re thinking about joining one of the online only banks, which ones should you consider? Smile.co.uk is one of the banks that is making a name for itself. This is a brand run by The Co-operative Bank so you can be sure that your money’s in safe hands. First Direct (firstdirect.com) is another telephone and internet-based retail bank you can trust. The people behind it are HSBC who have run it since they took over Midland Bank in 1992.

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