We pose the question - who is the best insurer for young drivers?

Wondering which Car Insurance company is the who is the best insurer for young drivers? Well, in this blog we'll be aiming to answer that quandary as we do our utmost to find you a reasonable quote among a sea of poor value.

So why are Young Driver policies so expensive? Well, Car Insurance premiums are calculated on the likelihood of a driver having an accident, and, statistically speaking, young drivers are the sector of the market most likely to suffer an accident. There's also the small matter of not having had enough time to build up a no claims discount.

As we often recommend in our blogs, the quickest and most painless way to get a cheap quote on Young Driver's Car Insurance is to check out what's on offer from Car Insurance comparison sites, and in this articles we'll be checking out what U Switch have to offer on their site at http://www.uswitch.com. Simply click on their Car Insurance tab and lets see what they've got.

U Switch are different from their comparison rivals in that they offer slightly more in the way of helpful guides to enable you to do simple things yourself that can have a bearing on your Insurance premium.

They still offer quotes online with their exellent quote request form, which you can find right here - http://www.uswitch.com/motor/form?MediaCode=878BrandName=uswitch. If you get a quote from U Switch, you're under on obligation to accept, so feel free to check them out and see if they can save you any money compared to what you've been quoted!

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