Why mattresses shops are always on sale

Everyone loves a bargain but when it comes to mattresses how do you know if you’re getting a bargain when the shops that sell this stuff are always offering sales?



Easter and other bank holidays are the normal times for sales but that doesn’t hold true with the bed and mattress sellers. If the store is always running sales, surely it’s never running sales. Consumers are very savvy nowadays and they have access to information thanks to the web that they didn’t have way back when. Chat rooms are full of conversations about this practice of always being on sale but is it a scam?

Scam or not?

A bogus sales event is a scam isn’t it but if you asked a sales rep from one of these places, he’d tell you that high pressure selling is the only other sales tactic that works with this industry so the continual sale is better for the consumer. The main problem for the industry is that consumers don’t change their mattress on a regular basis.

Use by date

Mattresses don’t tend to have use by dates on them so there’s no natural trigger for the consumer to begin shopping for a new mattress. Doctors now recommend that mattresses are changed every 8 years. When the industry gets hold of that information and starts to use it in their advertising, consumers will begin to follow a pattern that could see the market change for the better. If consumers go out to buy a new bed every 8 years, there will be less cause for the sales tactics that tend to put buyers off the industry right now.

Quality of sleep

If you’re struggling to sleep well , consider replacing the bed or the mattress. Click here to find out how much sleep you should be getting.

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