Why not take a Sipp?

A ‘Sipp’ , or Self-Invested Personal Pension, is a DIY pension in which you choose your own investments. They were create 20 years ago to cater for wealthy savers, but a simple and low cost version is revolutionizing pensions as we speak.

Fairly cheap and simple, Sipps are almost identical to the fund supermarkets that Isa investors use. If you already are investing fairly large sums then a Sipp could be for you. The main thing is whether you’re comfortable with being responsible for all you investments and to monitor them carefully – like a hawk would.

A personal pension may be a simpler choice, but a low cost Sipp would give you access to many thousands of funds at reduced rates. It’s certainly worth a look see – so contact a well-qualified pensions adviser near you to find out more today.

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