Are you entitled to a widow's pension?

There are plenty of women out there who may be entitled to claim a widow's pension but aren't aware of it. Today we're going to take a look at how you can figure out if you are eligible, as well as checking out some of the benefits that will be available to you should you successfully claim for one.

Who is eligible?

In order to be eligible for a widow's pension, there are a number of criteria that you must fulfil. Widow's pensions are predominantly paid out to widows who are aged 45 or above when their husband died, and who have no children. In order to be deemed eligible, your husband must have died prior to the 9th of April 2001.

In the case of women who meet all the criteria outlined above, but who have children, widow's pension will only be made available once their widowed mother's allowance has come to an end.

You will not be eligible for widow's pension if you had divorced your late husband, if you are in prison, if you get remarried at any point, or if you are living with a new partner.

How much are you entitled to?

The amount of money that a widow is entitled to from her widow's pension can vary quite a bit depending the age of the widow in question. Widows over the age of 55 will receive the full amount of £100.70, while those between the ages of 54 and 45 will receive a percentage of that sum which reflects their age. For example a widow of 45 would only receive £30.21 with each pension payment, while a woman of 50 would receive £65.46.

Does it affect other benefits?

Claiming widow's pension can indeed have an affect on any other benefits you may be in receipt of. Those of you who are paid carer's allowance, maternity allowance, employment support allowance, jobseeker's allowance, severe disablement allowance or incapacity benefit will see these payments reduced to reflect your new income from the widow's pension.

It will also be taken into account when you are means tested for other kinds of financial support provided by the government.

Once you reach your pensionable age, you will no longer receive your widow's pension, and instead you will simply receive your regular pension, which will be an equal figure, or in excess of the figure paid by your widow's pension.

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