Will you?

Have you got around to making a will yet? No, we didn’t think so. According to research by Which? Magazine, 56% of people haven’t got a will and a third of people over the age of 65 think they don’t need one. With all due respect, we think this could be wishful thinking.

The consumer champion’s legal team advises that if you kick the bucket without getting everything in order first there could be hell to pay for on the home front. That annoying cousin that you never liked could end up with the keys to your cherished sports car!

Making a will means that you can choose how you want your funeral to be and determine how your ’estate’ will be divided. Did you know that if have children but are not married, all your worldly goods will go to the kids or nearest blood relative and your partner could end up penniless? It’s the stuff fallings out and family feuds are made of.

And If you’re bringing up kids, failure to appoint guardians mean the courts would get involved. Perhaps the responsibility would fall to somone you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen!

The Which? Legal eagles give us this gem of a will-related anecdote: in 1862, a guy called Henry Budd left £200,000 in a trust to his two sons on the condition that neither of them grew a moustache!

Which is proof that wills can be fun too. So go on! Make yours today.

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