Replacement Window Indemnity Insurance

Fitting replacement windows isn't as straight forward as it seems. After April 2001, all windows must be FENSA approved and have a FENSA certificate. If there is no certification local authorities can issue a notice of enforcement and either force you to have the windows inspected or ask you to remove them completely. Either way, the cost of fixing the situation will by yours to pay. Window indemnity insurance, however, can cover the financial cost for you and any future homeowners if a FENSA certificate wasn't issued on any window replacements after April 2001.

Most builders or firms who provide windows should already be FENSA regulated and will provide a certificate upon completion of the replacement windows. If you installed the windows yourself however, or for any reason the company wasn't FENSA regulated, then you won't have a certificate. By installing the windows yourself you should have already applied for approval from a local authority (who would then send an inspector to view the work) but if you haven't then you might want to consider taking out window indemnity insurance to protect yourself financially.

Normally a local authority will not take action against you for failing to obtain a FENSA certificate if the windows were installed more than a year ago. If you don't have a FENSA certificate you can obtain one either by:

  • Applying through a local authority to have your windows inspected.
  • Take out indemnity insurance.

However, you can't do both of these. If you make a local authority aware that you don't have a FENSA certificate you won't be eligible for indemnity insurance.

What Does Window Indemnity Insurance Cover?

Indemnity insurance provides peace of mind for the homeowner and, more importantly, financial protection should a local authority take action further down the line. Cover includes the cost of fines, inspectors being sent out or replacement windows, but this varies with each indemnity policy.

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