What's the best womens car insurance in Ireland?

If you've been living in Ireland for any amount of time at all, it's likely that you'll have heard countless men complaining about the fact that women seem to get off quite lightly when it comes to car insurance. While this tends to be the case in most countries, it would appear that the difference in premiums in Ireland is something that causes much unrest among the male population.

If you were fortunate to be born a woman, then there are some really great offers out there waiting to be explored. When it comes to womens car insurance Ireland has several insurance companies who specialise in exclusively covering the fairer sex, often offering plans that make most men green with envy.

Top of the list is www.its4women.ie, who are administered and arranged by MCL Insurance Services Ltd., and hold a registered postal address in Dublin's posh Dublin 2 postal code. A quick look at their website will give you all the information you need to know about your potential new policy, including a handy online quote service designed to give you a quote that reflects the fact that women are proven to be statistically safer drivers than their male counterparts.

On top of their regular fully comprehensive and third party, fire and theft policies, their plans also include three add ons to perfectly compliment their insurance. If you opt for them you'll also get free personal belongings cover, free breakdown assistance which also includes a home start service, free courtesy car should yours be taken out of action due to an accident.

Your entire account can be comfortably managed from their website, and they will also cover your partner, assuming he is aged 25 or over - so hopefully that'll shut him up, at least for a while - making them the best womens car insurance Ireland has to offer!

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