Wondering if you can get Mobile Phone insurance with HSBC?

Just bought yourself a snazzy new mobile phone? Then the next thing that you should do it get it insured. Mobile phone insurance policies cover you for costs incurred if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged. Some people think that mobile phone insurance is a bit extravagant, even unnecessary, but we prefer to live by the motto, better to be safe than sorry. Paying a few quid a month in insurance is better than forking out a chunk of your hard-earned money on a brand new phone.

So, where can you find mobile phone insurance? Perhaps HSCB, the international bank and financial service provider, has sprung to your mind. Well, we have some not-so-great news. While the insurance coverage category covers home, car, life, travel and student policies, it is not yet possible to have a mobile phone insurance plan with HSBC.

Instead, to find yourself a good mobile phone insurance policy, we suggest you visit the site of Insurance2Go.co.uk. These guys pride themselves on their offer of excellent-value mobile phone insurance to its UK customers. You can choose from three different policies:

There is Basic Cover, which costs £3.99 per month and gives you accidental damage, overseas cover and cover for your family.

The next step up is Lite Cover for £5.99 per month, and this provides you with the same benefits as the Basic Cover, but you get extra protection against theft and any unauthorised phone calls made during the period when your phone was stolen.

The maximum coverage is Full Cover and, for £6.99 per month you receive the benefits of Lite Cover with the additional extra of protection if you lose your phone.

Don't run the risk. Give yourself peace of mind and organise your mobile phone insurance now.

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