Obtaining Wonga Loans in Ireland

Wonga.com provides short term loans as emergency cash to cover unforeseen expenses. First time customers can borrow up to £400 for a maximum of 30 days and a minimum of one day; money is transferred within 15 minutes, any day at any time. You must be over 18 and must have a UK Bank account for Wonga to accept your application. However, because you need a UK bank account, Wonga Loans in Ireland are limited to Northern Ireland at the moment. Not only do you need a bank account in the UK but you also need to live in the UK to receive a short term loan.

However, Wonga has recently announced plans to expand to Europe and other parts of Ireland. The actual expansion plans have not been confirmed by Wonga.com nor is there currently any confirmation that Wonga loans in Ireland will be available customers in the Republic of Ireland, but Wonga is intending to expand around 2012. You can keep an eye on updates at the Wonga blog (http://www.wonga.com/blog/).

Applying for Wonga Loans in Ireland - You can apply for a short term loan solution from Wonga.com if you live in Northern Ireland as it is part of the UK. To apply for Wonga loans in Ireland, visit www.wonga.com, select the amount you want to borrow and for what period from the homepage sliders and fill in your personal information to proceed.

Credit Scoring System - When you apply for a loan from Wonga.com you will be subjected to a credit scoring system to assess you eligibility for a loan. Your income, assets (i.e. if you are a homeowner or have a car) and credit history will be taken into account when applying for Wonga loans in Ireland.

Payment - If your application is accepted your loan could be in your bank acount in 15 minutes, though this may vary. The total amount you have to repay will be detailed on your loan section on the Wonga website and you will be made aware of how much you owe each day; there are no charges for repaying your loan early.

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