Workers fine with working more for less

The recession has taught us all one thing – be grateful that you have a job and stick with it. So it's no surprise that poll has found that many of us in the UK are prepared to work longer and for less money too.

A poll of 5002 employed adults, carried out by ICM for the Guardian, found that one in five have been working longer hours since the recession hit, and that 16 percent have seen their annual salary reduced.

Austerity is basically the new black, and instead of feeling bitter, that famed stoicism beloved by the English has taken hold .

'Average pay growth was slowing before the recession, wages took a real hit during the recession, and we're now seeing very slow wage growth coupled with high consumer inflation,' said Nicola Smith, economist with the TUC. 'There are real issues of fairness at a point when workers are facing the greatest squeeze in living standards for decades.'

But, predictably enough, the salaries of fat cats are once again on the rise, and the gap between rich and poor is becoming a chasm, according analysis by the High Pay Commission.

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