Worlds Most Expensive Christmas Dinner

  • Veryfirsto

As Britain threatens to dive into a triple dip recession, your Christmas may be all about scrimping and pinching to get some presents under the tree and a slap up turkey onto the dining table, but at the other end of the scale, chef Ben Spalding is rustling up the world’s most expensive Christmas meal.

Weighing in at a whopping 125,000 pounds of cold hard cash, the ingredients alone would require taking out a second mortgage to be able to afford. On the shopping list are such mouthwatering if spectacularly decadent luxuries such as dry ice, caviar, truffles, Wagyu beef heart, gold leaf, a £37,000 bottle of Champagne that pre-dates World War One served in diamond encrusted champagne flutes, a rare Japanese watermelon costing £2,600, and beans of coffee berries excreted by the Asian Palm Civet cat.

The idea is the brainchild of luxury website ‘Veryfirsto’ who seem to be using it as a promotional tool for their high end services. And with no shortage of the super-rich living in the UK these days, it seems highly likely that there will be a few takers for this festive splurge.

Opening with a ‘sharpener’ of Diva vodka and 1907 Piper Heisdeck champagne, the entrée is Bird’s Nest L’Almas caviar, with a 150 year old Basalmic vinegar and Spanish Pata Negra jamon all washed down with a Cheval Blanc 1949.

Next up is a whole White Alba truffle poached in poulet de bresse juice and Sargol saffron stock with a Yubari king melon on the side. A 1988 Corton- Charlemagne will be on hand to lubricate the zeroes on the way down the hatch.

In a twist on the traditional Christmas lunch, a rare breed of turkey is on the table with Wagyu beef fillet and heart, wrapped in 50 carat gold leaf, perigord truffles and Akbari pistachios with a fine 1959 La Tache to keep the spirits up.

And for dessert – whipped Kopi Luwak and Amedei premium chocolate with rare Densuke watermelon served on a gold Ugandan vanilla plate.

The real question on all of our lips is – where do we get diamond studded Rennies wrapped in platinum for the inevitable indigestion?

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