Worrying times for expat savers

Expats who rely on savings are in for an increasingly tough time of it, and not only because of the eurozone debt crisis that threatened to swallow up the whole currency.

Bank share prices are also down as investors ponder what to do next in the face of economic uncertainty over the Euro. And the UK base rate doesn't look like moving from 0.5 percent any time soon.

It's little wonder then that many expats are turning to gold, in search of a more stable investment. In times of turmoil, both political and economic, gold seems to be the rock most investors turn to. That there's no income to be gained from it just shows how pessimistic the market is right now.

While news of the Greek aid package has had a positive effect on bank shares, it would still serve you to be cautious. And if you're worried about the safety of your cash, make sure to keep it in more than one bank – just in case the worst happens.

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