Using the Yahoo Finance Gold Price Reports

Yahoo Finance is a very detailed site that reports on the latest market developments. Historic and current data can be found here for stocks, bonds, funds etc. Investors will be most interested in the information contained in the Investing tab, where users can find a Market Overview, Stats, and other trading information. The Yahoo gold price can be found under the Commodities tab, which is located at finance.yahoo.com/futures.

This page on the Yahoo Finance site features a table, with various commodities such as Energy, Livestock and Grains. Once Metal is selected, users will be presented with another table, containing lists of prices for metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum. Users will note that there are two listings for Gold - ZGM11.CBT, or Gold 100.oz, and GCM11.CMX, which is labelled simply as Gold.

The most up-to-date price for each of these commodities is presented on the Metals page. However those who require further information can click on either of the Gold listings to see a full overview of this item. The current price is displayed on this page, along with the overall change in price for that day. The price range during the day can also be seen, along with opening and closing prices.

One of the key features of the Yahoo gold price service is that users can access a detailed interactive chart featuring past prices. This allows investors to view current and past trends, which can help with forecasting and analysis. A very informative guide to using the Yahoo Finance interactive charts can be found at yahoo.com/charts.

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