Is Yorkshire Building Society car insurance for you?

Despite the fact that people are used to searching high and low for their new car insurance policy when it comes time to renew, you'd be very surprised by how many people forget to consider their local building society, or to even check whether they have an insurance policy on offer.

Given the fact that everyone seems ready, willing and able to offer their customers not only car insurance, but also credit cards, loans and countless other financial services these days (with even Tesco, Argos and ASDA getting in on the act in recent years) it is hardly surprising the Yorkshire Building Society car insurance is available now, but it is surprising to learn just what's on offer and how much value it represents.

Should you decide to order your car insurance from the Yorkshire Building Society website (which you can find over at www.ybs.co.uk) you'll find yourself entitled to an immediate 7.5% discount, to which you can add another 15% if this is the first car insurance policy you have ever held with the Yorkshire Building Society; making a 22.5% saving before you've even taken a look at what else is on offer!

Should you decide to take out a home insurance policy with YBS too, you'll be entitled to yet another 15% discount on a car insurance premium that can offer you a no claims discount of up to 70%, with your initial NCD increasing every year you are with the company without a claim.

So what do you get with your policy? You'll have a lifetime guarantee for all repairs carried out by YBS approved mechanics, a dedicated 24 hour claim phone line, a courtesy car provided for the length of time it takes to have your car repaired, 31 full days worth of European breakdown cover, child safety seat cover, up to £200 to cover medical expenses and the loss or damage of personal belongings and emergency accommodation of £50 per night to a maximum of £250.

Why not give them a call on 0800 107 8274 or apply for a quote via their website toddy.

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