You are what you eat

’Organic’ and ’healthy’ have become food marketing key words, but a new survey suggests that one in six make false claims about quality ingredients in order to lure in the hungry.

Suffolk Council’s trading standards department checked 180 outlets and found that 30 made false claims about how ingredients were sourced and the quality of food served. One restaurant claimed to use mozarella cheese, when it was using economy cheddar; another advertised ’fresh pasta’ when it was in fact frozen.

Roger Mortlock, deputy director of the Soil Association, the organic foods watchdog, told investigators at the Telegraph: ‘Consumers buying organic food off the shelf in shops and supermarkets can now be reasonably sure that it is fairly labelled, but restaurants and pubs are the places where we see many of the real abuses of public trust.

’In many cases, food is described as being fresh when in fact it has just been heated up in a microwave in the pub kitchen. If they are also claiming that food is organic when it's not then that is shocking, because the public should be able to trust the food that they are ordering.’

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