You must be off your trolley!

Now you will be able to do the shopping and not miss the sport, if a trial of a new iPad trolley proves a success.

The shopping trolley with the built in iPad dock is being tested at the Cromwell Road bransch of Sainsbury's in London. The trolleys feature an iPad holder and speakers. They include sensors that warn you if another trolley is getting too close. Which will be especially good for blind customers we presume.

Behind the new innovation is none other that Sky, who are looking for new ways to highlight their Sky Go service, allowing iPad users to watch live sport or news on their portable devices.

Ian Burgess of Setwo Designs, the trolleys' creators, said: 'Being able to create a gadget that is practical yet innovative is often a challenge but I think with the trolley we've cracked it. The trolley can be used in the traditional way for shopping yet streams the latest sports news easily.'

Sainsbury's believes that the trolleys could help bring in more shoppers. Brett Hart, the supermarket's trolley buyer (hilarious that there is such a role), said: 'We strive to make our customers' lives simpler, which is why we're looking at these new trolleys.' Of course, if all supermarkets had them then it wouldn't make any difference at all, commercially speaking.

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