You never know-get travel insurance

Losing something or having an accident when you're away can really put a downer on the whole holiday and can be quite tricky to sort out while in a foreign country, especially non English speaking countries. That is why it is so important to get travel insurance before you go away and with so many companies offering great deals it has never been easier to get.

While away on holiday you will often be getting up to all sorts of crazy things that you would never get to do at home. There is no denying this is great fun and all part of being on holiday, however it does increase the risk of something unforeseen happening. With travel insurance available for the price of a pint there is absolutely no reason not to get yourself covered before you jet off.

Insureandgo.com are one of the largest travel insurance providers and they have a range of great deals on travel insurance. Their comprehensive insurance policies cover everything from trip cancellation,loss of baggage and money, hospital bills and repatriation. Offering annual travel insurance for £29, backpackers insurance for £11 and single trip insurance for £6 it would be difficult to beat their prices. Up to 3 children can also be covered for free under an adults insurance policy.

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