Young and worried

Nearly two-thirds of youngsters worry about not having enough money in the future to pay for things, according to a new study.

Over half of 12-16 year olds think the going will be hard financially when they get older, with 95 percent wnating to learn more about how to manage household bills and budgeting.

A third are preoccupied with the spectre of mounting debt, while 62 percent have anxieties over having a lack of money in the future.

The Personal Finance Education Group charity, who carried out the poll of 1000 youngsters, said that the results show that kids want to know more about money.

Its chief executive Wendy van den Hende said: 'As this survey shows, young people are worried about having enough money for their future, whether going to university, starting work or saving for something, but are very keen to learn more.

'Understanding and managing your personal finances is vital and getting involved with My Money Week can help young people learn some of the practical skills they need.'

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