Sick of paying over the odds for young boys car insurance? Check this out

Car insurance is never cheap at the best of times, but when you're a young male just starting out in his driving life things are even worse. It's not uncommon to have annual insurance premiums that cost many times the price of the car, so it's always worth knowing some of the hints and tips of the trade in order to help lower your insurance cost.

Since you lack enough experience to have built up your No Claims Bonus, you'll need to pay out the full amount for your insurance for the first few years - which can be a financial disaster for many, especially those who are trying to pay their way through university at the same time.

Unfortunately it's something that needs to be done if you want to get yourself on the road, so we've got some great advice for saving money on young boys car insurance to offer to you in order to soften the blow to your bank account.

If your car isn't worth a huge amount, then you're wasting your money by taking out a fully comprehensive policy. Since you're a young driver, you're going to be subject to an excess fee on all claims. That means that the insurance company isn't liable for paying that amount, so if your excess is £300 and the claim is for £600, you'll only receive £300 from the insurance company. Obviously this means that if your car is only worth £1000, the most you'll be insured for on it is £700, and fully comprehensive insurance is likely to add at least that much to your premium to begin with. Stick to third party for your first few years unless you're driving a pricey car.

If you're not going to be using your car too much, you can save by requesting limitations be placed on your policy. The most common ones are limited mileage and daylight only driving. Adding either of these is likely to save you a pretty penny, so enquire with your insurance company to see if they offer them.

By following these hints you should be able to shave at least thirty per cent off the cost of your insurance, while still increasing your no claims bonus and getting valuable driving experience into the bargain.

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