young driver insurance with a tracker can save you cash

Young Drivers looking to shave a few pounds off their policies will have likely been driven to distraction by this stage (if you'll pardon the pun). Insurers aren't for budging on their high premiums to young drivers, and this is because of the risks involved in the demographic.

However, if you make yourself a more attractive proposition to insurance companies, then you may find a prospective policy dropping in price. To this end, we suggest checking out young driver insurance with tracker attached, as there are insurers who will take this into account and drop the cost of your policy.

One such insurer, is pay as you go insurer Cover Box, so let's check out their website at http://www.coverbox.co.uk/index.php. Cover Box specialise in getting low cost policies to young drivers and they do this thanks to their focus on the cheaper pay as you go market, and their insistence that a tracker is placed on every single car they insure.

How does it work though? Cover Box take a reading of your mileage at the start of the policy, then again at renewal time, with discounts offered for drivers who have gone under their allowance. They will also fit a tracker in your car for free, so if your car is stolen, police will be able to find it almost instantly.

All of their policies offer comprehensive insurance, with Courtesy car, Windscreen protection, Personal accident and Personal possessions included as standard. Check them out and see what they can save you today!

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