What happens if you lie to get cheaper young drivers car insurance

Young drivers car insurance has always been expensive, mainly because most insurance companies believe they are at a larger risk of having a car accident than someone who is older. Statistics provided by the DVLA appear to back this assumption. Some people have turned to making false claims in order to get their car insurance for a cheaper premium. Many people do not understand that obtaining car insurance under false pretenses is against the law, which can lead to a hefty fine and even a prison sentence.

One of the more common ways people try to obtain young drivers car insurance at a cheaper price, is to put the insurance of their vehicle in one of their parent's names. The young driver is then listed on the policy as a named driver, which is meant to be someone who occasionally drives the vehicle insured. This is known throughout the insurance world as "fronting" and as well as being considered fraud, doing this will invalidate any insurance held on the vehicle. A survey conducted by the DVLA revealed 45-percent of motorists had done or would consider fronting for their child or close family friend.

Other common methods used to try and gain cheaper young drivers car insurance is withholding information, such as previous motoring convictions. Any information of this nature needs to be disclosed when you take out a policy. If you make a claim and they find out about your convictions after the fact, it will automatically make your insurance policy invalid. Lying about your age is also common, with many young drivers pretending to be over the age of 25 as this is when most companies treat a person as an adult.

More companies check a person's driving license now before issuing insurance, which makes this type of scam harder to do. However, many companies on the internet will insure a person on the information provided, in good faith. This is usually because the insurance company knows in the event of a claim, any untruths will come to light and the policy will be void.

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