Why can young drivers not get cheap car insurance?

There are many reasons young drivers don't get cheap car insurance and unfortunately there is little they can do about it. Because insurance companies see young drivers as a potential accident risk, their insurance prices reflect this. If you are a young driver looking for cheap car insurance you can optimise your chances of lowering your premiums by buying an older car with a small engine.

If you are only going to be driving a car infrequently, such as to get to work or college on odd days, it may be worth asking a parent if you can go on their insurance as a named driver. When a person has a named driver on their policy it allows this person to drive their car and be covered by their current car insurance. If you do decide to be a named driver on another person's policy it is absolutely vital you understand the terms of the insurance. For example, you must not drive the car more than the main driver named on the insurance policy. Some companies stipulate exactly how many times you are allowed to drive the car. It is important you understand this because ignoring these rules is against the law and could see you get a criminal conviction.

Watching how you drive is also important and will, eventually, reduce your car insurance premiums. A new driver is most likely to have an accident in their first 12-months of driving, than at any other point in their driving experience. This is due to being naive of the roads and over-confident driving. If you manage to go a full year without making an insurance claim you will be rewarded with one no claims bonus, this will reduce your car insurance for the following year. Young drivers can get cheap car insurance but it does take patience and a willingness to take their driving seriously.

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