Information on young drivers insurance only companies

Companies who offer young drivers insurance only specialise in their target market, which is usually drivers aged between 17-and-21-years-old. Because this is a high-risk insurance group, they tend to charge more for their insurance policies than the average insurance company. With the raise in insurance policies across the board, nearly 40% in the last two years, many young drivers are lucky if they can afford car insurance at all.

The government reckon as many as 1.7 Million people in the UK do not have car insurance, with around a third of these being drivers under the age of 21. Even though people face a fine of up to £5,000 and losing their car if they are caught with no insurance, many young drivers are tempted because the cost of insurance is high for them. Not getting car insurance is simply not an option, apart from being illegal, you are best being fully-covered in case you have an accident.

InsureYourCar.com is a website designed primarily for helping find cheap car insurance. It also has a hefty section on finding companies offering young drivers insurance only. Before you fill out the comparison enquiry form you will need details of the car you own or plan to buy, a registration plate number if you have one, driver's license number and details of any convictions you have held in the past seven years. As well as bringing back results for specialist firms, they will also return results for your average insurance companies. It is always worth comparing insurance quotes especially as young drivers insurance only does not always mean they are the most affordable.

Specialist companies tend to tailor their policies to allow for the fact they are dealing with young drivers. For example, many young driver's policies include coverage of music equipment and any modifications to the car. Of course, extra-cover is good, but it also works out more expensive.

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