What is the young LGV drivers scheme

The Road Haulage and Distribution council organise the young LGV drivers scheme, with funding coming from the Department of Transport. Not only are the young drivers given the chance to be gainfully employed while getting their license, they will also receive industry-specific qualifications. A category C driving license is normally reserved for people aged over 21. However, through this scheme, young drivers can obtain a full category C license when they are just 18-years-old.They can then go on to work for a C+E category license, which they are allowed to receive anytime before their 21st birthday.

The young LGV drivers scheme also allows the drivers to complete an NVQ course in either "Goods Transportation" or "Driving a Heavy Good Vehicle". During this course, the youngsters will have plenty of tests to ensure their LGV skills are improving. This helps to evaluate any weak spots and allows the teachers to arrange more in-depth training if necessary. Failure is very rare, which is testament to the effort put in by not only by the students but the teachers and council representatives as well.

In order to achieve a place on the young LGV drivers scheme candidates are invited for an interview. This is there opportunity to express how much they want to complete the course and how much they wish for a carrier driving light goods vehicles. If they pass the interview, they will be invited to attend an induction, which gives a brief rundown of the course as well as what it is expected of the young drivers. They will have to take a driving test as a provisional category C license is essential for completing the first half of the course.

Young drivers aged between 16-years-old and 21-years-old can all apply to join the young LGV drivers scheme. They are not allowed to have more than 3 points on their driving license and they must be in relevant employment, as they will need to act as a sponsor.

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