Young driving insurance guide

Young driving insurance, for anyone who doesn't have a lot of driving experience, can cost considerably more than standard car insurance for drivers with a track record and experience. Insurance companies take a risk when insuring drivers with little experience, so they make up for potential financial loss through this risk by charging higher prices. Statistically, young drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident than someone over the age of 25, so unfortunately most companies will charge higher premiums if you're under the age barrier.

However, despite all the doom and gloom surrounded by young driving insurance quotes, there are a few ways to keep your premiums down and find the right deal for you.

Shop Around

Although you might already have looked at a few providers you should consider broadening your search and look for a long list of providers. Price comparison websites are a great way to do this and the difference between the cheapest and most expensive quote could be hundreds of pounds.

Car Models

Fast sports cars are more expensive to insure. If you haven't got a car already, consider opting for a smaller vehicle with a low insurance.

Pass Plus Test

Consider taking the Pass Plus test before applying for young driving insurance. This will take your premiums own a little bit more and allow you to consider other companies out there, rather than insurers who only deal with risky young drivers and high costs.

Specialist Providers

The cheapest young driving insurance comes from specialist providers, such as:

  • 4youngdrivers.co.uk
  • endsleigh.com
  • swinton.com

However, the actual cost of insurance will vary depending on your circumstances. The only way to find a young driving insurance quote is to take a look at different companies and submit your information for a quote; your age, car model, history (i.e., previous driving experience or convictions) and other advanced driving certificates will always affect the quote you receive.


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