You're barking if you don't have dog insurance

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty, so it is only right that we return the favour and make sure they are properly looked after. Even though they might seem like they are happy and healthy all of the time, dogs can get sick too and trips to the vet are not small expenses. Most dogs need to see the vet roughly once a year and if you have dog insurance all this can cost next to nothing.

It's not just trips to the vet that need to be insured against, there's lots of other things that need to be covered against concerning your best friend. If he should wander off in search of greener pastures and become lost you can insure against the advertising and reward that will be required to bring him back to where he belongs. Similarly if someone decides they like him so much that they steal him from you, you can insure against this. You can also insure against time, or a random vehicle, catching up with your dog and taking him to dog heaven.

Petplan.co.uk are specialists in providing insurance cover to our furry four legged friends. If you take out insurance cover for your dog through their website they will knock 10% off the first year's premium.

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