Zip it

It could be one of the last remaining taboos in Britain. According to a study by Scottish Widows, money is the subject we're most reserved to talk about. In the study of 2000 adults, 43 percent said that they wouldn't discuss money with friends, 23 percent with family and 62 percent with colleagues. It was named a more off limits topic of conversation than relationships, children and appearances.

Catherine Stewart of Scottish Widows said: 'We are a nation who simply do not want to discuss our money worries, and much of our personal lives are off limit even to our nearest and dearest. It is a very British trait to avoid discussing personal and taboo subjects such as money, particularly for older generations that have been brought up in this way.'

But it seems that a break with tradition is on its way, with younger generations more comfortable talking about their finances, the 18-34 age group far more likely to talk about money matters.

'It is encouraging that the younger generation is breaking with tradition and is more comfortable talking about their finances,' adds Stewart. 'However they should choose who they go to for advice carefully.'

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